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05/06/2014 | Kidney (porcine)

What is your diagnosis!? (13)

In a 6 months of age, cross breed pig carcass, a multi-lobulated, large mass (> 50 cm in diameter) was found. The sectioned surface was whitish and the mass comprised one of the two kidneys.

Large unilateral renal mass.

Large unilateral renal mass.

Detail of the mass cut surface.

Detail of the mass cut surface.

What is your diagnosis? (13)

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Histopathological examination evidenced a neoplastic proliferation indicative of a nephroblastoma.


Nephroblastoma is one of the most frequent primary neoplasms in pig, you can see other presentations and histological images in the following link: Nephroblastoma in a pig..


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Granulomatous nephritis
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