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09/05/2022 | Bovine

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We received samples of a 12 months old, Friesian breed, calf kidneys that showed a unilateral marked increase in size. When the affected kidney was opened, a large multilobed cavity filled with a transparent serous fluid could be observed. (EV)

Ronyó de vedell amb un marcat augment de mida i aspecte quístic.

Calf kidney with a marked increase in size and cystic appearance.

Ronyó esquerre augmentat de mida i seccionat en comparació amb el ronyó dret, que no presenta alteracions.

Left kidney increased in size and sectioned compared to the right kidney, which has no alterations.

What is your diagnosis? (104)

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The lesions observed correspond to a unilateral hydronephrosis, with atrophy and fibrosis of the renal cortex and medulla. Hydronephrosis consists of a dilation of the renal pelvis with progressive atrophy of the renal parenchyma, due to an obstruction of the urinary tract (either due to a congenital malformation or acquired by the presence of calculi, inflammatory processes, neoplasia ...) the cause is unknown in this particular case.

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Renal cysts
Renal dysplasia
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