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25/07/2022 | Lymphoid (porcine)

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In a 6-month-old female pig, generalized erythematous skin lesions were observed throughout the carcass and ears. Redness of the lymph nodes was also observed. (EV)

Observació de l'animal a la inspecció antemortem, s'observen lesions eritematoses al cos, extremitat i orelles.

Observation of the animal during the antemortem inspection, erythematous lesions are observed on the body, limbs and ears.

Aspecte de la canal.

Image of the processed carcass .

Detall de les lesions eritematoses, arrodonides i amb el centre més enfosquit, a l'extremitat posterior.

Detail of the erythematous lesions, rounded and with a darker center, on the hind limb.

Envermelliment dels nòduls limfàtics.

Redness of the lymph nodes.

What is your diagnosis? (107)

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  1. André Van Roy

    Should a carcass like this be condemned or should the affected skin be trimmed?

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