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08/01/2020 | Poultry

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In a batch of 50 organic chickens, 21 were condemned due to cachexia. The carcasses had only liver and proventricular lesions, the rest of the organs were apparently normal except in a case where the skin was slightly thickened. Liver lesions were compatible with areas of necrosis or whitish spots. The proventriculi had reddish spots.

Organic chicken carcasses seized for excessive thinning.

Whitish spots on the liver.

Extensive liver injury, necrotic in appearance.

Reddish lesions on the mucosa of the proventriculus.

Another example of lesions at the level of the proventriculus.


What is your diagnosis? (80)

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The histopathological study revealed lesions compatible with a lymphomatous infiltrate at both the proventricle, liver and skin. This lymphoid cell neoplasm is compatible with a Marek's Disease virus infection.

The initial suspicion of the inspectors was transmissible viral proventriculitis (TVP), a disease that causes thickening and fragility of the ventricle wall that can rupture during the evisceration, causing the carcass to be condemned for contamination.

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Marek's disease
Squamous cell carcinoma
Transmissible viral proventriculitis
Proventriculitis due to reovirus
Proventriculitis due to CPA (cyclopiazonic acid, a toxin of Aspergillus flavus)
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