About SESC

Report submission

SESC will manage both the submission of samples to the network of collaborating laboratories and the submission of  their reports to the meat inspectors.


  • Will be sent to the email address entered on the form and to that enetered on "My profile".
  • Copy to the department that contracts the service, for control and monitoring.


A SESC advisory report will be sent to the requesting inspector by email, which will include the results of the requested analyzes.
The original reports will be stored in the IRTA-CReSA archive.

The SESC website also includes section named SESC CASE ARCHIVE which consists of a blog where, on a regular basis, a summary of the inquiries received will be published with the corresponding answer and the images provided. This blog will not show information about the establishment or the inspector who made the inquiry.

History updates will be reported through a distribution list.

Data storage: a database will be maintained with the information of all inquiries received.