About SESC

TB – Laboratory analysis

This form is only for ASPCAT staff and is used to manage all queries related to tuberculosis.

It includes:

  1. Tuberculosis compatible findings at slaughterhouses or game meat processing facilities.
  2. Sampling, requested by the DACC, of ​​animals included in the tuberculosis surveillance and eradication program:
  • Animals with a positive result in intradermotuberculin tests (ITT).
  • Animals from herds with confirmed tuberculosis.
  • Animals from herd depopulation.
  • Follow-up cattle (animal/s that the DACC requests to be sampled for having presented negative comparative-ITT results but with a positive bovine PPD reaction).

The samples in point 1 will be managed like any other SESC query, with the difference that the from will also be received by the DACC to be informed of the new suspicion and to be able to take the actions it deems appropriate as a competent authority in animal health.

The samples in point 2 will be analysed at IRTA-CReSA and the DACC will be in charge of managing and transporting the samples (the form allows the generation of a sample collection request).