About SESC

Telematic inquiries information

These inquiries will be managed by the team of veterinary pathologists and experts in animal health that is part or collaborates with IRTA-CReSA.

Service management:

Inquiries will be managed through the service email:


Information to include:

The meat inspector who makes the inquiry must fill in all the fields of the form to avoid omitting useful information for the identification of the problem.

The form includes the following information:

Identification of the person making the inquiry (My profile section):

  • Establishment.
  • Regional services.
  • Health authorization number.
  • Inspector's name.
  • Telephone contact.
  • Email.

Description of the problem:

  • Animal species.
  • Official trademark (or REGA code) of the farm of origin
  • Municipality
  • Region
  • Province
  • Number of animals affected
  • Breed, sex and age of affected animals
  • Description of the problem; must include:
  • Organ/s affected
  • Extent/severity of condition
  • Macroscopic description
  • Suspicion of the veterinarian sending the consultation
  • What is your inquiry?


It is recommended to attach digital images of the lesions that will reach  SESC as email attachments. The form allows this option.

In addition, the character of the inquiry must be specified. If it is an URGENT or NON-URGENT consultation. In the first case, an attempt will be made to give an answer within 24 hours from the moment the inquiry is recieved.


All emails sent through the form will be directed to the mailbox of suport.escorxadors@irta.cat through which an initial evaluaiton of the inquiries will be made, which will be then redirected to the experts who can answer them with better criteria.

The response will be sent by email to the email address specified in the form and with a copy to the emails indicated by the department that contracts the services of the SESC.