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04/07/2018 | skin (porcine)

Subcutaneous lipoma in a pig carcass

In a  hybrid breed, 6 months old, pig carcass several irregular, nodular, subcutaneous lesions were observed in the dorsal region that. Upon section the subcutis was thickened, with an increased consistency and of whitish color.

The histopathological study revealed a neoplastic proliferation of well differentiated adipose tissue (without cell atypia or mitosis) that expanded the hypodermis and compressed the underlying musculature. The lesion, of benign characteristics, was classified as a subcutaneous lipoma.


Nodular, irregular, subcutaneous lesions in the dorsal aspect of a pig carcass.


A: Histological image of the neoplasic proliferation observed. B: Detail of the morphology of the cells, identical to well-differentiated adipocytes.

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