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15/06/2018 | Bovine

What is your diagnosis? (59)

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In a batch of limousine calves, of about 20 months of age, in at least 20 animals, alopecic lesions of variable extension depending on the animal were observed  in the  croup and trunk, with hyperkeratosis, desquamation, erythema and crusts.

Lesions on the skin of the dorsal region of the animals observed during the ante-mortem inspection.


The inspectors performed a scraping of the skin that was observed under the microscope with the following result:


Result of the direct observation under the microscope of scraping the skin of affected animals.


Detail at higher magnifications of the previous image.


What is your diagnosis? (59)

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The parasite observed under the microscope corresponds to a mite of the genus Psoroptes spp. which causes Psoroptic mange. In cattle it causes lesions known as body mange, typically on the back, while with other mite species such as Sacroptes spp. lesions are usually found in the head (head mange) or, in the case of Chorioptes spp., tail mange or foot mange. Mange by Demodex spp. is less common in cattle, but it can also be diagnosed and appears in the form of papules or multiple nodules. There are a few descriptions of calves infested by lice, but it is not common.

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Lice (Ctenocephalides felis felis)
Demodectic mange
Chorioptic mange
Psoroptic mange
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