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14/03/2022 | Bovine

What is your diagnosis? (102)

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We received myocardial samples from a 17-month-old limousine calf with two nodular lesions. (EV)

Whitish nodular lesion observed when sectioning the myocardium.

Image of the second cyst, sent to the laboratory, before and after sectioning.

What is your diagnosis? (102)

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Under the microscope the lesions correspond to a chronic granulomatous myocarditis with the presence of intralesional parasitic remains. The suspicion of bovine cysticercosis is therefore confirmed.
The other diagnoses proposed are amog the most common diagnoses found (in our lab) in cases of suspected cysticercosis.

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Vascular hamartoma
Myocardial adenomatoid tumour
Peripheral nerve sheath tumour
Bovine cysticercosis
Eosinophylic myositis
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