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15/06/2022 | Ovine

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Samples were submitted of a 4-month-old lamb lung with the following lesions, associated to lymphadenomegaly of the traqueobronquial and mesenteric lymph nodes. (EV)

The lung had adhesions of the apical lobes to the parietal pleura. Upon section , areas of the lung parenchyma with necrotizing suppurative lesions are observed.

El lòbul diafragmàtic també esta afectat.

The diaphragmatic lobe was also affected.

Detall de l'aspecte de les lesions del lòbul diafragmàtic a la secció.

Detail of the appearance of diaphragmatic lobe lesions in section.

What is your diagnosis? (106)

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The lesions observed correspond to necrotizing-gangrenous pneumonia. Microscopically, the lesion consists of large areas of lithic necrosis of the lung parenchyma with the presence of mineralized material as well as bacterial colonies of various morphologies. The alveolar spaces are occupied by degenerate and / or necrotic neutrophils.
Microbiological culture allows the isolation of multiple growths, among which Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Pasteurella multocida are identified. This type of lesion is often associated with aspiration pneumonia (of the contents of the digestive tract, for example) and in these cases it is common to isolate several bacteria from the lung lesions.

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Aspiration pneumonia
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