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04/10/2022 | Porcine

What is your diagnosis? (109)

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We received samples from a 6-month-old pig carcass with nodular lesions in the parietal and visceral pleura.(EV)

Lesions nodulars adherides a la pleura parietal.

Multiple nodular lesions attached to the parietal pleura.

Aspecte de les lesions a la seva secció.

Appearance of lesions when sectioned.

Lesió nodular a la pleura visceral (pulmonar).

Nodular lesion in the visceral (pulmonary) pleura.

What is your diagnosis? (109)

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The histological study showed suppurative bronchopneumonia and multiple pleural abscesses with the presence of intralesional bacteria. Microbiological culture isolated abundant Trueperella pyogenes colonies from the lesions.

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Question 1
Which microbiological agent was isolated from these lesions?
Mycobacterium avium hominisuis
Trueperella pyogenes
Mycobacterium caprae
Streptococcus suis
Staphylococcus aureus
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