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01/04/2019 | Kidney (porcine)

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In a hybrid breed, 6 months old pig carcass a unilateral increase in kidney size was seen. When opened, a white, spherical, well-defined mass adherent to the renal parenchyma was observed along with abundant subcapsular hemorrhagic tissue, which, as the inspectors describe, exhibits a consistency more solid than that of coagulated blood.


Enlarged and darkened kidney.

When sectiones a whiter spherical mass was observed along with abundant subcapsular hemorrhagic tissue.


What is your diagnosis? (71)

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The histopathological study demonstrated  lesions compatible with a nephroblastoma, a neoplasm of renal embryonic cells. It is one of the most frequent kidney neoplasms in the pig and its rapid growth often causes it to be associated with hemorrhaging, as in this case.

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