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15/07/2021 | Bovine

What is your diagnosis? (96)

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In a 27-month-old female bovine, a single, whitish nodule, 4 mm in diameter, adheres to the endocardium. The animal was slaughtered as part of a sanitary culling after confirmation of tuberculosis on the herd. (EV)

Lesió blanquinosa adherida a l'endocardi d'un boví.

Whitish lesion attached to the endocardium of a bovine.

Detall de la lesió un cop seccionada.

Detail of the lesion once sectioned.


What is your diagnosis? (96)

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The histological study showed lesions compatible with a lipoma (benign adipose tissue neoplasm). The suspicion of bovine cysticercosis that had motivated the submission of the sample is therefore ruled out. In the absence of other lesions it is very unlikely to find a tuberculous granuloma at this location.

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Tuberculous granuloma (tuberculous endocarditis)
Cysticercus bovis
Cysticercus tenuicollis
Vascular hamartoma
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