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26/10/2016 | Ovine

Multiple parasitic lesions in a lamb carcass

In a 4 months old  female lamb carcass multiple nodular lesions were observed, whitish, some of them calcified, in the lung, liver, heart and different skeletal muscles.

Some of the cysts observed at the level of serous membranes, such as those of the liver, showed viable cisticerci. Due to thier location, these could be classified as visceral cysticercosis  or Cysticercus tenuicollis (larval stage of Taenia hydatigena,  which is very common in small ruminants and its final host is the dog).

Muscular nodules,  both in skeletal muscle and myocardium, corresponded microscopically to granulomatous type lesions type with a strong component of eosinophilic leukocytes characteristic of parasitic processes. In this case it is therefore compatible with muscular cysticercosis or Cysticercus ovis. It is the larval stage of Taenia ovis, another parasite that has the dog as definitive host. It is not a zoonosis, but it can lead to economic losses since the carcass becomes unfit for consumption.

Furthermore, microscopically  Sarcocystis cysts were observed in the muscle fibers of the heart. Usually these parasites are associated with eosinophilic myositis lesions, although in this case it colud not be appreciated macro nor microscopically.

It is reccomended to revise the program of anti-parasite treatment (particularly of dogs) in the farms with carcasses that have this problem.


Granulomes al diafragma (cisticercosi muscular).

Granulomas in the diaphragm (muscular cysticercosis).


Múltiples granulomes al miocardi (cisticercosi muscular).

Multiple granulomas in the miocardium (muscular cysticercosis).


Quist degenerat a la serosa del pulmó (cisticercosi visceral).

Degenerated cyst in the serosa of the lung (visceral cysticercosis).


Quists a la serosa fetge, el de l’esquerre contenia un cisticerc viable (cisticercosi visceral).

Cysts in the liver serosa, the one on the left had a viable cysticercus (visceral cysticercosis).


Granuloma a la musculatura esquelètica (cisticercosi muscular).

Granuloma in skeletal musculature (muscular cysticercosis).


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