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31/05/2022 | Ovine

What is your diagnosis? (105)

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In a lamb lung the following lesions were found. (EV)

Múltiples lesions nodulars, sub-pleurals, blanquinoses i endurides.

Multiple nodular, sub-pleural, whitish, hardened lesions.

Detall de les lesions.

Detail of the lesions.

Detall de les lesions a la secció.

Detail of lesions upon section.

What is your diagnosis? (105)

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The lesions observed correspond to granulomatous pneumonia. Although the causative agent of granulomas was not evident, the characteristics of the inflammatory infiltrate, rich in eosinophilic polymorphonuclear leukocytes, suggest that these are lesions of parasitic origin.   Ziehl Neelsen staining, PCR to detect M. tuberculosis complex and mycobacterial culture gave negative results, ruling out a case of tuberculosis. Yet, macroscopically these lesions are compatible with tuberculosis and therefore samples should have been submitted to the the laboratory to discard it, even if it was a young animal.

Review a very similar case, nº2 of this post, where tuberculosis was indeed confirmed.

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Question 1

What is your diagnosis?

Lung abscesses (T. pyogenes)
Tuberculosis (M. caprae)
Tuberculosis (M. bovis)
Parasitic granulomatous pneumonia
Fungal granulomatous pneumonia
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