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22/08/2018 | Kidney (porcine)

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In a female, 6-month-old, pig carcass generalized edema was seen, more abundant in the diaphragm, abdominal cavity and especially perirrenal. The kidneys presented a rough surface and some petechiae (small haemorrhages).

Aspect of the kidneys once decapsulated. The surface is rough with pale and  reddish areas.


When sectioned the lesion is also present throughout the cortex.


What is your diagnosis? (61)

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The histopathological study revealed tlesiosn compatible with renal dysplasia. This lesion, which is usually congenital, is a disorganized development of the renal parenchyma due to anomalous differentiation. It can be secondary to intrauterine uretheral obstruction. In the pig it has been associated with hypovitaminosis A during gestation. The presence of edema, secondary to renal failure in this case, especially in the perirrenal location, could be suggestive of a swine fever infection.

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Interstitial nephritis
African swine fever
Renal dysplasia
Renal infarction
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