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27/08/2018 | Kidney (porcine)

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In a 6-month old pig carcass, an increase in the size and paleness of both kidneys was observed.

The kidneys on the left are pale and and increades in size. Those on the right are normal, to compare.


When sectioned you can see that the lesions affects the entire parenchyma and petechiae can be observed (hemorrhages of less than 1mm).


What is your diagnosis? (62)

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But in this case we did not receive samples to obtain a diagnosis, so all the answers would fall within the possible differential diagnoses of this case.

The images are compatible with chronic (or perhaps subacute) interstitial nephritis, a possible diagnosis could be PDNS (without skin lesions). Although the presence of petechiae would indicate a more acute or active process. Interstitial nephritis may also be due to a septicemia, for example, by Salmonella.

Other diagnoses such as an amyloidosis or infiltration of a lymphoma should be ruled out, but other lesions (an abscess/focus of infection in the case of amyloidosis and other masses or generalized lymphadenopathy  in the case of lymphoma) would have been seen.

Another differential could be a renal cortical necrosis (ischemic injury associated with gastric ulcers).

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