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27/09/2021 | Ovine

What is your diagnosis? (99)

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Curs de descripció de vísceres decomisades de remugants.

Last September we organized a new workshop to describe lesions in condemned viscera of ruminants. In the next posts of this Quizz section we will present some of the cases that were discussed.

The first one is a lamb's lung were multiple grayish-colored lung lesions were observed, distributed mainly in the dorso-caudal part of the diaphragmatic lobe. (EV)

Pulmó de xai amb lesions multifocals, grisoses, a la part dorso-caudal del lòbul diafragmàtic.

Lamb lung with multifocal, grayish lesions in the dorso-caudal part of the diaphragmatic lobe.

What is your diagnosis? (99)

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Under the microscope the lesions correspond to a parasitic granulomatous pneumonia, also known as verminous pneumonia. The parasites that cause it can be varied and include Muellerius capillaris, Cystocaulus ocreatus, Dictiocaulus filaris, Protostrongylus rufescens and Neostrongylus linearis.
A la dreta de la imatge lesió granulomatosa amb presència de larves parasitaries als alvèols i bronquíols. A l'esquerra s'observa una zona de parènquima pulmonar sa amb els alvèols buits.

On the right of the image granulomatous lesion with the presence of parasitic larvae in the alveoli and bronchioles. On the left is an area of healthy lung parenchyma with hollow alveoli.

Detall de les larves parasitàries i inflamació granulomatosa.

Detail of parasitic larvae and granulomatous inflammation.

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Suppurative bronchopneumonia
Fibrous pleuritis
Verminous pleuritis
Interstitial penumonia
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