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04/10/2021 | Bovine

Myocardial adenomatoid tumor in cattle

We receive samples from a nodular lesion in the myocardium from a 12-month-old Friesian breed calf’s carcass. The lesion measured 1cm in diameter, showed a white coloration and the margins were irregular with fibrous appearance. The inspectors wanted to rule out bovine cysticercosis.

A histopathological study was performed which revealed a neoplastic proliferation of glandular appearance, formed by well differentiated cubic epithelial cells organized in an acinoductal pattern and were surrounded by large amounts of mature fibrous tissue. An immunohistochemical study against cytokeratin (CK 5, 6, 8, 17, 19) confirmed the epithelial origin of the neoplasm.

This neoplasia receives the name of myocardial adenomatoid tumor and it is a benign neoplasia that is usually reported as an incidental finding at slaughter because it usually is inconsequential to the live animal. The presence of abundant fibrous tissue at the histological examination explains the white coloration and firm consistency observed macroscopically. The bibliography speculates that the origin of this neoplasm is mesothelial (pericardium) due to his immunohistochemical characteristics. The presence of cysticercosis was ruled out. (AC)

Lesió nodular en el miocardi, d’aparença blanquinosa i consistència ferma.

Nodular lesion in the myocardium of white coloration and firm consistency.

Imatge d’un altre cas antic on s’observa una nodulació similar al endocardi, de dimensions més petites, confirmada com a tumor adenomatoide miocàrdic a la histologia.

Image from another case in which a similar nodulation is observed in the endocardium, with smaller dimensions, confirmed as a myocardial adenomatoid tumor by histology.

Imatge histològica (HE) del tumor adenomatoide miocàrdic. Les cèl·lules neoplàsiques epitelials formen túbuls sobre un abundant estroma fibrós.

Histologic image (HE) of the myocardial adenomatoid tumor. The neoplastic epithelial cells form tubules within an abundant fibrous stroma.

Técnica immunohistoquímica front a citoqueratines. S’observa immunomarcatge positiu a les cèl·lules epitelials neoplàsiques.

Immunohistochemical study against cytokeratin. A positive immunostaining is observed in the epithelial neoplastic cells.

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